Alt Codes for Star Text Symbols (Shortcuts to Type Stars on keyboard)

The table below contains a list of star text symbols along with their alt codes and keyboard shortcuts.  

Before we dive into the list, obey the instructions below to type any of these symbols using the star symbol alt code method.

  • Open MS Word (this is because some of the alt codes listed below can only work in Microsoft Word).
  • Press and hold the Alt key on your windows keyboard.
  • As you hold on to the alt key, press the alt code of the particular star symbol you need. (Note: Only the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard can be used for this task. So, ensure that your Num Lock key is disabled. If your laptop doesn’t have this separate numeric keyboard, you may need to use an external one or use the other methods described right after this section)
  • Then release the Alt key after typing the alt code.
  • Once the text symbol is inputted into your MS Word, you can copy and paste it wherever you desire.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the list.

DescriptionStar Text SymbolAlt CodeKeyboard Shortcut
Asterisk Star*42Alt + 42
Black Star9733Alt + 9733
White star9734Alt + 9734
Star of David10017Alt + 10017
Black Four Pointed Star10022Alt + 10022
White Four Pointed Star10023Alt + 10023
Stress Outlined White Star10025Alt + 10025
Circled White Star10026Alt + 10026
Open Centre Black Star10027Alt + 10027
Black center white star10028Alt + 10028
Outlined Black Star10029Alt + 10029
Heavy Outlined Black Star10030Alt + 10030
Pinwheel Star10031Alt + 10031
Shadowed White Star10032Alt + 10032
Asterism8258Alt + 8258
Low Asterisk8270Alt + 8270
Two Asterisks Aligned Vertically8273Alt + 8273
Four Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk10018Alt + 10018
Four Balloon-Spoked Asterisk10019Alt + 10019
Heavy Four Balloon-Spoked Asterisk10020Alt + 10020
Four Club-Spoked Asterisk10021Alt + 10021
Heavy Asterisk10054Alt + 10054
Open Centre Asterisk10034Alt + 10034
Eight Spoked Asterisk10035Alt +10035
Eight Pointed Black Star10036Alt + 10036
Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star10037Alt + 10037
Six Pointed Black Star10038Alt + 10038
Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star10039Alt + 10039
Twelve Pointed Black Star10041Alt + 10041
Sixteen Pointed Asterisk10042Alt + 10042
Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk10043Alt + 10043
Open Centre Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk10044Alt + 10044
Heavy Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk10045Alt + 10045
Six Petalled Black and White Florette10046Alt + 10046
Black Florette10047Alt + 10047
White Florette10048Alt + 10048
Eight Petalled Outlined Black Florette10049Alt + 10049
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star10050Alt + 10050
Heavy Teardrop-Spoked Pinwheel Asterisk10051Alt + 10051
Sparkle10055Alt + 10055
Heavy Sparkle10056Alt + 10056
Balloon-Spoked Asterisk10057Alt + 10057
Eight Teardrop-Spoked Propeller Asterisk10058Alt + 10058
Heavy Eight Teardrop-Spoked Propeller Asterisk10059Alt + 10059
Snowflake10052Alt + 10052
Heavy Chevron Snowflake10054Alt + 10054
Tight Trifoliate Snowflake10053Alt + 10053
Star Operator8902Alt + 8902
Star Equals8795Alt +8795
Canadian Syllabics Tth5487Alt +5487
Open Centre Asterisk10034Alt +10034
Tibetan Sign Rdel Nag Gsum4047Alt +4047
Combining Cyrillic Ten Millions Sign42608Alt +42608
Arabic Start of Rub El Hizb۞1758Alt + 1758
White Small Star11090Alt + 11090
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star9055Alt + 9055
Medium Star Emoji9733Alt + 9733
Shooting Star Emoji🌠127776Alt + 127776
Glowing Star Emoji🌟127775Alt + 127775
Dizzy Symbol Emoji💫128565Alt + 128565
Sparkles Emoji10024Alt + 10024
Night with Stars Emoji🌃127747Alt + 127747
Six Pointed Star with Middle Dot Emoji🔯128303Alt + 128303

Insert Star Text Symbols in Word/Excel/PowerPoint

Aside using the Alt code method to get star symbols, you can also quickly insert a lot of star text symbols in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint by using this simple method.

The steps below will show you how to insert Star Symbols in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

  • Fire up MS Word or Excel, or PowerPoint document.
  • Go to the Insert tab.
MS Word Insert Tab
  • On the far-right section, you’ll see the Symbols group. Select Symbol > More Symbols.
MS Word Insert More Symbols

The Symbol window will appear as below.

Microsoft Word Symbol Window

The star text symbol can be found in this window.

  • Locate the symbol you need and insert it into your Office document by clicking the Insert button.
  • Close the Symbol dialog.

These are the steps for inserting the Star Text Symbols and any other symbol in Microsoft Word or other Office apps on both Windows and Mac OS.

Star Symbols Text in Google Docs

Google Docs is another text editor with which users may struggle to type or insert the Star Symbols. This is mainly because some Star symbol alt codes do not work on this text editor.

Meanwhile, Google Docs provides one of the simplest methods for inserting symbols like the star.

Without further ado, below are the steps you may use to get any Star symbol in Google Docs.

To get the Star Symbols in Google Docs:

  • Launch Google Docs and position your cursor where the symbol will be inserted.
  • Go to Insert > Special Characters.
Go to Insert > Special Characters in Google Docs

The Insert special characters window will appear., which includes a search bar and a drawing pad.

  • Using the Search bar, search for Star, or search the name of the particular star symbol you wish to insert. You should see it appear in the search results. double-click on it to insert it into Google Docs.
  • You can also draw the Star Symbol using the drawing pad located below the search bar. If Google Docs recognizes the drawing, it will display the symbol and similar signs in the results box. Then double-click the symbol to insert it.

These are the steps to insert this and any other symbol into Google Docs.

Star Symbols on The Character Map (Windows)

If you cannot use the Star Symbol Alt code, the character map is available at your disposal.

In Windows, the Character Map is a tool that can be used to view characters in any installed font, determine what keyboard input (or Alt code) is used to type those characters, and copy characters to the clipboard instead of typing them with your keyboard.

This section will demonstrate how to use the Character Map tools to copy and paste any star text symbol easily.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

  • Search for Character Map in the Windows Start menu.
Searching for the Character Map in Windows
  • You should see the character Map appear in the search results. Click on it to launch it.
  • When it opens up, go to the bottom left corner of the window and click to expand the Advance view options.
Character Map Advanced View
  • To easily locate the Star Symbols on the Character Map, change the Font to Segoe UI Symbol and search for the word Star in the search box.

The star symbols will be displayed for you to copy.

  • To copy these symbols, double-click them, and they will be selected in the Characters to copy box. Then, finally, click the Copy button to copy them to your clipboard.
  • Place your cursor where you want the symbols and press Ctrl + V to paste.

And there you have it.

Aside from using the star symbols Alt Codes to type them on the keyboard, these are other methods you can use to get any star text symbol.

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